Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price List

Evolution E5 Dual Electronic Flight Instrument $4,995
Evolution 1000 Pro MAX PFD* $9,995
Evolution 1000  Pro Plus MAX PFD * $10,995
Evolution 1500 MAX (Pro MAX PFD, MFD500 MAX Multi-function display (Internal Battery)) $13,995
Evolution 2000 MAX (Pro MAX PFD, MFD1000 Multi-function display (External Battery)) $15,995
Evolution 2500 MAX (Pro MAX PFD, MFD1000 + MFD500 Multi-function display (External Battery)) $19,995
500 MFD MAX Multi-function display $5,495
1000 MFD MAX  (with internal battery only) $6,995
1000 MFD MAX (with external battery) $7,995
Evolution 1000 Pro MAX trade-in (1 display)* $5,495
Evolution 1000 Pro MAX trade-in (2 displays)* $7,995
Evolution 1000 Pro MAX trade-in (3 displays)* $9,495
Evolution 1000H (Pilot H PFD) $12,195
Evolution 1000H (Pro H PFD) $15,195
Evolution 1500H $22,690
Evolution 2000H $27,190
Evolution 2500H $34,685
500H MFD $7,495
1000H MFD (with internal battery) $11,995
Class III Aircraft  
Evolution 1000C3 (Pro C3 PFD) $13,495
Evolution 1500C3 (Pro C3 PFD, MFD1500 Multi-function display) $18,990
Evolution 2000C3 (Pro C3 PFD, MFD1000 Multi-function display) $22,490
Evolution 2500C3 (Pro C3 PFD, MFD1000 + MFD500 Multi-function display) $27,985
1000 VFR Pro Upgrade $6,000
1000 VFR PFD + ACU Hardware Option ($1000) $7,000
Evolution Synthetic Vision for PFD $595
Evolution Angle of Attack Indicator $595
Evolution Angle of Attack PFD/MFD unlock kit $1,190
Evolution Synthetic Vision for each additional MFD $795
Evolution Hazard Awareness $895
(Software interface kit only. Connects to EWR50 or compatible unit, WX500 Stormscope, and/or ARINC 735A traffic system)
Avidyne DFC90 Digital Autopilot Integration Kit (software) $1,995
Genesys Aerosystem (S-TEC) Autopilot Integration Kit (software only) $1,995
Genesys Aerosystem (S-TEC) System 55X Autopilot (ACU2 and software bundle) $3,195
Optional Hardware  
EA100 Adapter for Autopilots $2,875
EA100 Adapter w/10' Cable System $3,075
ACU2 (includes installation kit) $2,280
APS4A Altitude Preselect System (Avionik Straubing) $1,495
Extended Product Warranty  
Single Display Extended Warranty - Two Years $795
Two Display Extended Warranty - Two Years $1,095
Three Display Extended Warranty - Two Years $1,095
Evolution Backup Display  
Basic (Portrait or Landscape) $5,995
Advanced (Portrait or Landscape)
NextGen ADS-B Software Integration Partners (unlock)  
Garmin GDL 88 or GTX 345 $795
FreeFlight Rangr Series $795