Evolution Software Change Summary


Evolution Software Version

Change Summary

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1) Corrected LPV approach refresh rate on the VDI and LDI indicators.

2) Fixed issue where cyan terrain was not displayed correctly.

3) Fixes RSM calibration page "CAL HDG" value issue.

No changes from 2.6.1 above


Never released


Never released


1) Added VFR system software.  Required VFR CM image.

2) Added SV trial, must be enabled with enablement kit.

3) Fixed spelling of the word 'satellite' on the XM message screen.

4) Improved runway visibility in the SV view.

5) Fixed an issue in the Pilot system where a green line appears on the DG display.

6) Fixed an issue with the power up logic  where the EFD would stay on battery if switched off on the Init screen.

7) Updated the lighting curve on an OEM application.

No changes from 2.6.2 above unless the SV trial is enabled and then AFMS-900-00008-001 Rev V or later required


1) Added ADS-B traffic and weather capability to the PFD and MFD.

2) Fixed minor XM Metar issues.

PFD Pilot Guide Addendum P/N 091-0058-001

MFD Pilot Guide Addendum P/N 091-0061-001

Pilot Guide Supplement P/N 091-0057-001 required if ADS-B installed

AFMS - No changes from 2.6.5 above unless ADS-B is enabled and then AFMS 900-00008-001 Rev W or later required


1) Allows for the display of Angle of Attack (AOA indicator when unlocked.

2) Added Label 235 Baro Correction to the ARINC 429 output of EFD1000 displays.

3) Added call signs to ADS-B traffic.

4) Corrected ADS-B weather depiction errors

5) Corrected ADS-B unlock tool issues.

AOA Pilot Guide Supplement P/N 091-0031-001 Rev C or later required if AOA enabled

AFMS Rev Z or later required