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AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE: Avionics that evolve with your aircraft - AOPA Pilot


I’m a big fan of the “best in breed” approach to avionics in my aircraft. By Jeff Simon

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Aspen Upgrades Glass Options - AOPA


New Models Priced below Legacy Units

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Aspen Evolution Max Displays Earn STC - Flying Magazine


STC enables installation of brighter, faster EFIS units in a long list of airplanes

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Aspen Evolution Max Displays STC’d - Aviation International News


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FAA Grants STC for New Aspen Primary, Multi-Function Displays - Avionics International


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Aspen Receives STC For Evolution MAX Displays - AvWeb


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MEDIA ALERT: Aspen Avionics Receives STC on Evolution MAX Primary Flight and Multi-Function Displays


New MAX product line offers the latest avionics glass technology, hardware, safety features and faster processing speeds.  Aspen also offers an unprecedented upgrade program which allows customers to upgrade their existing unit to a MAX display and receive a new two-year warranty

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