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MEDIA ALERT:  Aspen Avionics Evolution E5 Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) Receives EASA Approval


Aircraft owners in the region now have the option to install a budget-friendly glass display approved for both IFR and VFR flight starting at under $5,000

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AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE: Avionics that evolve with your aircraft - AOPA Pilot


I’m a big fan of the “best in breed” approach to avionics in my aircraft. By Jeff Simon

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Aspen Upgrades Glass Options - AOPA


New Models Priced below Legacy Units

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Aspen Evolution Max Displays Earn STC - Flying Magazine


STC enables installation of brighter, faster EFIS units in a long list of airplanes

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Aspen Evolution Max Displays STC’d - Aviation International News


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FAA Grants STC for New Aspen Primary, Multi-Function Displays - Avionics International


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Aspen Receives STC For Evolution MAX Displays - AvWeb


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